How Nutrition Can Help You Heal

February 7, 2023

Food is an essential component of our health and well-being. It has a profound impact on our energy levels, immune system, strength, and even the speed and quality of our wound healing. When it comes to healing from an injury or surgery, what you eat becomes even more important. “Poor nutrition can delay your healing,” …

Inflammatory Foods: 8 to Avoid & Alternatives

February 7, 2023

Inflammation is a major concern for many people, and for good reason. Research has linked chronic, low-grade inflammation with numerous health problems, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease. While many people focus on adding anti-inflammatory foods to their diet, it's just as important to reduce the foods that trigger and aggravate existing inflammation.

Here are eight of the top foods that cause inflammation and how to limit them.

New Mom? Don't Neglect Your Pelvic Floor Health: Tips & Support for Postpartum Recovery

December 27, 2022

As a new mom, it's important to take care of your own emotional and physical well-being in addition to caring for your new baby. While it's normal to experience some urinary leakage and pelvic pain immediately after giving birth, if these symptoms persist beyond the three-month mark, it's important to seek help. Neglecting your own health can lead to bigger problems down the road. Proper exercise and support can help reverse the physical changes that occur during pregnancy and improve your pelvic floor health. Consider attending a free pelvic floor workshop or try a pelvic floor workout for support and guidance.