Giving 'em Something to Talk About: TruMove Success Stories

February 11, 2019

Sure, we can talk extensively about the many ways we at TruMove hope to change the face of healthcare for the better. We can also talk about the positive impact our MOVEMENT movement is already having across Kansas City and our continued efforts to extend our outreach. Still, how do you know that all of the TruMove movement hype is for real? Enter stage right: patients and clients who are happy to share their stories about their TruMove experience.

The Heavyweight Fight: Preventive Care vs Reactive Treatment

January 29, 2019

In one corner we have the reigning heavyweight champion in physical therapy practice: Reactive Treatment, the long-time golden child of the health insurance industry. In the opposing corner, we have an emerging viable contender for the title: Preventive Care. Boasting improved health, big savings, longevity and greater opportunity, Preventive Care is fearlessly attempting to change the face of healthcare for the better and creating a lot of positive buzz.

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy ™ - May The Lightforce Be With You

January 11, 2019

While we may not have any influence on the cinematic epic battle that happened “in a galaxy far, far away,” there is an opportunity for change in the very real struggle against pain and inflammation…and it’s right here in Overland Park. TruMove offers an innovative, FDA-approved technological advancement in pain relief: LightForce® Deep Tissue Laser Therapy.