Understanding Physical Therapy Costs: A Simple Guide for Informed Healthcare Decisions

August 2, 2023

Physical therapy can provide immense benefits, but the costs often leave people confused. This post summarizes key insights from "Decoding the Cost of Physical Therapy" to help you make informed healthcare decisions. Learn how location, insurance, discounts, financial assistance programs, and being an advocate for your health impact costs.

Effective Foot Pain Relief: Laser Therapy & Dry Needling Proven in New Research

August 1, 2023

Recent research has shown promising results for these advanced techniques. A 2023 systematic review published by DMIHER Center for Advanced Physiotherapy Education & Research [read more] analyzed numerous studies on plantar fasciitis treatments. Researchers found dry needling and laser therapy to be among the most effective options for reducing pain and improving function.

Strategies to Correct Posture & Realign the Spine from Hyperkyphosis

July 13, 2023

Hyperkyphosis, also known as “humpback” or “dowager’s hump”, is an exaggerated curvature of the upper spine that causes a rounded protrusion. Our expert physical therapists can help reduce this spinal deformity. If you’re experiencing the effects of hyperkyphosis, we can help! Contact us today to schedule a thorough evaluation with one of our specialists. Let us create a customized physical therapy plan to meet your needs and help you regain mobility, balance, and quality of life.