Robin Dufour

Following her curiosities has led her to pursue local and national teaching opportunities. She has spent the last 20 years studying the art and science of the human body. Specifically, how we are affected by internal and external forces like gravity, mass and momentum, pain, joy, trauma, injury, receptive motions… you name it, we can be affected by it.

Robin has practiced in a number of settings, happily working with people of all ages during her career at a large children’s hospital, sports medicine clinics and geriatric facilities.

In recent years her studies and practice have led her to leave the clinical setting in favor of a more relaxed setting. She recently left her beloved Studio Be in Maine to open Be Fit Co. in Williamstown, MA. If you like a good “stars aligning” story ask her what led her to take the leap.

She received her “basic training” in physical therapy from the University of New England, graduating in 1995.

She continues to receive her “advanced training” with the Gray Institute and with her clients, family and friends studying of the art and science of the human body. Robin earned the distinction of Fellow of Applied Functional Science in 2010 by completing the 40-week GIFT program at the Gray Institute in Adrian, MI.

Robin is currently serving in her 4th year on the faculty at the Gray Institute as a mentor/facilitator for the prestigious GIFT program. GIFT is currently in it’s 10th year educating movement professionals from 20+ countries worldwide.