Brittney Cappiello

In the grocery store and on the street, strangers are compelled to talk to me. My coworkers joke that I must wear a sign that says “talk to me and tell me your story”. I’m not sure how I give off that vibe, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s what has allowed me to connect so well with my physical therapy patients over the course of my career. I truly enjoy making lasting personal connections, earning their trust, and establishing a comfort level for the women I treat. This bond becomes an opportunity for vulnerability, which is never easy, but it is when the sharing of honest information occurs. I have discovered that this crucial personal information is often not revealed in other aspects of medical care. The interaction with my patients is a relationship that I take seriously and enjoy tremendously. My so called “people person superpower” is what drove me to create My Core Floor. It’s an opportunity to connect with women outside of my physical therapy clinic. It’s a resource to spread accurate, understandable content and not let myths and misinformation dictate how we live. It’s a chance to create a program that will make women stronger. I look forward to helping you and hearing your story.

Personally, I would like to thank my family for their loving support, my coworkers for their constant encouragement, Bob Wiersma for sharing his creative insights, and Gary Gray of the Gray Institute for influencing my treatment style. You have all helped solidify my passion for improving the lives of women and I am forever grateful.